Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Cupcakes Runneth Over

It must be cupcake week. Baker Babes Bakery phones have been ringing non-stop with requests for these satisfying little cakes. We're not surprised since they are the perfect gift, thank you note, or self-indulgent treat. Give someone a cupcake and you are sure to get a smile in return. We thought we would share some pictures of our scratch cupcake baking efforts. Beware...looking at these pictures may induce happiness!
(photo: our signature red velvet cupcakes)

rainbow chocolate and yellow cupcakes

sinful donut cupcakes

pecan upside down cupcakes

mini carrot cakes

mini Missississi mud cakes

velvety vanilla cupcakes


Chris Stewart said...

You know I never thought of cup cakes as just mini cakes. It seems so obvious and now my expectation of what cupcakes can deliver is totally upgraded.

I love tastes said...

Wow! What a fabulous cupcake party! May I join?

Anna said...

Loved your site, the upside down crumble cake looks delicious. Definitely trying them.

milk and cookeez said...

My mouth is totally watering!
Im loving the donut cupcakes-YUMMY!

Cookin' Canuck said...

They all look so beautiful! I'm drooling over the sinful donut cupcakes.

skinny asian girl said...

This is beautiful. I love cupcakes. It's not the cake per say, but it's the decoration of the cakes. These look absolutely darling!

Anonymous said...

The carrot cake cupcakes are my favorite! Now I want one!

Sweet Freak said...

Oh, I wish I were there!

My comfort food network said...

Love the cupcakes and the frosting. Yum!

Bekah said...


donut cupcakes???

I am in love.