Sunday, January 31, 2010

Valentines Day 101

Its been a difficult year for many of us with the loss of jobs, savings, homes as well as political scandals, international unrest and earthquakes etc. Many of the things which impact our lives seem so macro-sociological that it can make us feel helpless, or even useless, in our efforts to positively impact effective change towards improving things. Perhaps because of the shrinking global ethos of which the Internet plays an important part, we sometimes forget that each one of us can take control of our lives. We can also significantly enhance the lives of those around us. We just need to stay focused on a more micro level. We need to stay focused on our immediate details.

So, you are probably thinking...What does all this have to do with Valentines Day? Well, maybe nothing, or maybe a lot. This innocent little holiday gives us the opportunity to make someone feel good, feel significant and feel noticed. These are powerful feelings which we can evoke in others if even just for a day. The impact can be far reaching.

Look around you and think about spending time with someone in your neighborhood who is alone. Offer them a cup of tea, a piece of cake, thoughtful conversation and an hour of your time. Give an appreciative card or single rose to your teacher, grocer, doorman, office clerk etc. Valentines Day gives us the opportunity to be attentive to the human details of life and to acknowledge them with love, caring, or simple friendship. Maybe we haven't fixed everything that is wrong in the world but we can always make meaningful connections for meaningful change right in our own neighborhoods. can begin with a single heartfelt Valentine.

Baker Babes Bakery Wishes You a Wonderful Valentines Day!


Susan from The T-Cozy said...

Judy...very well said!

bakingwithoutabox said...

Thanks for the positive spin! Very well stated!

bonnie said...

Great post, thanks


Amy @ En Chocolat said...

What a wonderfully heart warming post. Happy belated Valentines to you and yours as well :)