Friday, June 11, 2010

On The Road With Baker Babes Bakery

Spring is our favorite time of year. We love the sights and smells of the flowers beginning to bloom and the birds singing as they flutter around hurriedly collecting twigs for their nests. Spring is a good time for us at Baker Babes Bakery to take a bit of a break before the busy summer graduation and wedding party season begins.

I just returned from Rowayton, Connecticut, which is a quaint beach community located on Long Island Sound. Luckily, my sister Susan of, and her family have lived in the area for years so I am able to stay in a lovely home just steps from the beach. During May and June, Rowayton is especially beautiful as many cottage gardens are lush with voluptuous foliage and the residents are very friendly oozing with good old New England hospitality.

I took some time exploring the shops along the main street in town and came across Rowayton Market which is a lovely rustic gourmet food shop and bakery. They make a wonderfully fresh and delicious veggie panini which I enjoyed eating outdoors. Their cupcakes and cakes were beautifully decorated. Just a block down the road is Rowayton Pizza and I found their pizza to be as good as any I've had on the East Coast. The nearby Maritime Center in Norwalk, Connecticut is a fascinating museum in which to learn about the colorful shipping history of that region.

If you are planning a vacation this summer I would suggest thinking about visiting a city or town not typically thought of as a tourist attraction. I find these places to be the most enjoyable and ones in which I've had the opportunity to meet and learn about the local residents and their way of life. Here are some pictures of my trip which I hope will inspire you to start planning your own.