Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let's Celebrate!

With the holidays almost here we spend a lot of time testing and developing new delicious recipes for our special bakery menu. Pumpkin pie is a great old standard at Thanksgiving, but our focus is on other delectable indulgences. Its great to be able to offer your family and friends a dessert tray (along with the pumpkin pie) where they can select from a variety of items which will surely satisfy any holiday palate. Here are some of the sweets we like to have on our trays - cookies (both sweet and savory), butterscotch bars, decadent brownies, coconut bars, pecan pie bars, amaretto bites, chocolate covered pretzels and mini cranberry muffins. For Christmas trays we love to include our favorite Christmas cookies along with mini red velvet cupcakes. So, this holiday season pick out a few of your favorite bite sized delights and create your own holiday tray. Its a great way to let your guests know how special they are to you during Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.